A downloadable game

To&Fro will be a very quick and competitive mobile game for two local players. The pucks on either side of the screen move up and down at increasing speed. Tapping the button will launch your puck to the other side. This also leaves a small blockade where you previously were. Touching a blockade will drastically decrease your speed. Once your speed is depleted you lose the game.

Matches should last from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. It's a game you can play with a friend while in line at a movie or waiting at the goram DMV.

I plan to change the aesthetic with a later build. I don't like what it's shaping up to look like. It will be changed to bubbly solid colors with a Metro-style layout. Think Threes, Google, and Mini Metro aesthetics.

This first build lacks an indicator of when your speed is too low. I intend to have sounds indicate this but I did not have time to find and implement any.

This is my first game and I am pretty unfamiliar with touch controls. Because of this, I stuck with key inputs for this build.

I am using Unity 5.6 with the Standard Assets package.

Install instructions

Simply run the .EXE from the folder.


To&Fro FirstPlayable.zip 11 MB